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5 top-rated messaging apps for Android in 2018

One of the must-have applications on your Android devices is a messaging app, which helps users to keep contact with others, exchange information, make video calls, and more. Most messaging apps available today are so easy to use; you can interact with anyone as long as you already have a personal account and your device is connected to WIFI. If you are looking for an ideal messaging app for your Android device, the top 5 applications below will be perfect suggestions. For further news, check at Free store apk download.

1, WhatsApp

WhatsApp is known as one of the hottest mobile messaging apps with over 400 million downloads on Google Play. The app is not only free but also very safe to download. You just need to sign up with your phone number and then, you can immediately connect with anyone in your contacts who also install this app.

2, Android Messages

Android Messages is a messaging app developed by Google.  You can receive, edit, send messages (both SMS and MMS), and chat (RCS). Although its interface is quite simple, this app is highly reliable and offers many interesting features, giving users a lot of enjoyable experiences. Once you have installed Android Messages on your device, you can easily keep in touch with friends or family; send group messages; and share your favorite photos, audio messages, and videos whenever you want.

3, Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a messaging application that is all too familiar to Facebook’s users. Users can send messages or make calls on both PC and mobile devices. To make calls through the Facebook Messenger app, you and the recipient must be friends on Facebook and must have already installed this app. Developed and improved for a long time, Facebook Messenger is now considered an excellent messaging app around the world. The app lets users send messages, make video calls/group calls, share files, etc., helping us keep contact with others easily. Let's download latest apk apps and games free: best apk download site

4, Textra SMS

And finally, it will be a big mistake to not mention Textra SMS. With an impressive interface, Textra SMS is also one of the most highly-recommended messaging apps for Android. It offers over 100 themes inspired by Material Design, a dark mode for nighttime, and many useful features like scheduling messages, floating notifications, and more. The app not only allows users to install it for free but also supports Pushbullet, Android Wear, and MightyText.

Here are 5 best messaging apps for Android devices that we would like to introduce to you. Hope you will find it useful and have exciting and fun chat experiences.

5, Telegram

Telegram is considered to be faster and more secure than other messaging applications. Installing this app is very simple and totally free. Telegram lets users create a group chat with up to 200 members, share files with sizes up to 1GB, transfer multimedia files, and send many photos at the same time. All messages will be saved in the Cloud, so you can easily access them from any devices you want. It also features very secure encryption and self-destructing messages. Let's download best apk apps - most useful apps on Android just for you

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